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Emergencies happen without notice! In an emergency, you may require immediate professional care.

If you are unconscious, the Emergency Contact and Information Card (ECIC) will allow first responders to quickly access your vital health information with a simple scan of a QR code. This makes them aware of your medical conditions and enables them to respond quickly and administer medical treatment faster. During an emergency, communication of this information is crucial. If you are unable to speak, who will speak for you? The ECIC will!

Emergency Contact and Information Card Benefits:

Being able to quickly access information about allergies, current medications and medical history gives healthcare professionals potential life-saving information so they can assess and form an accurate diagnosis immediately.

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Gathering this information in a timely manner is critical.  Keeping the ECIC in your wallet can provide peace of mind knowing that, in an emergency where you are unable to verbalize your health information, the Emergency Contact and Information Card can provide it. Only $24.99 per card. Small price, big impact!

Imagine being out with a group of friends and suddenly you pass out…will the people you are with be able to accurately answer health questions about you?  No? Then you need the ECIC. The ECIC is an efficient way to provide invaluable information.

Prioritize your health – don’t wait for an emergency to happen to prepare.  Your chances of survival improve if you prepare in advance. Include the ECIC in your emergency action plan.  Every person is different and may require different treatments.  Medical care should be personalized and individualized to the specific person. The ECIC is another tool that will assist in providing unique care.  Take control of your own outcome and create your Emergency Contact and Information card today.